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Knee Bindings

Knee Bindings
¬†Each year, 70,000 skiers injure an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) on all other alpine bindings, making it skiing’s worst medical epidemic in history. Three-fourths (3/4) are rearward-twisting ACL injuries – that occur when skiers start to fall backwards, bend their hips and knees, and catch their inside edge. Most require major surgery, and months of painful physical therapy. Over 20% of the injured never ski again.
But no skier has ever reported this injury on KneeBindings.
Ordinary bindings release up at the heel and sideways at the toe. These two mechanisms are effective at preventing broken legs, but no other alpine binding offers a release mechanism to help mitigate knee injuries. Not “diagonal” bindings, nor “turntable” bindings, nor even bindings with “upward toe releases.”
KneeBindings have a 3rd dimension – a PureLateralTM heel release to detect the forces that cause most knee injuries, and that can release directly sideways before the injury occurs! The only proven way to mitigate knee injuries on skis is with PureLateralTM heel release and only KneeBinding has it.
These are premium, high-performance bindings – with all the convenience and reliability you expect from a binding that has won every major on-snow performance award.
Technical advancements help you ski better!